About Devree

Current Versie ?? DeVree is a techno DJ/Producer from The Hague, Netherlands. His music is defined by tough kicks with groovy bass lines and deep melodies.

Well built up climaxes at the right time induce instances of ecstasy and stir up the crowd. DeVree doesn’t play any background music.. he makes the crowd dance, rave, and pushes them even further toward the end of is sets. In DJ-sets and Live sets he plays lots of tracks of his idols and mixes with his own productions. In producing he is distinguished by using raw and playful acid synths and other instruments like guitar, combined with warm and deep bass lines, and fresh highs.

DeVree plays tracks & styles from:

Egbert, Adam Beyer, Julian Jeweil, Boris Brechja, Dubfire, Cirez D, Gary Beck, Extrawelt, Gregor Tresher, Alan Fitzpatrick, And many more..

DeVree staged in Line-up with:

Olivier Weiter, SLAM, Luuk van Dijk, Juan Sanchez, Warren Fellow, Joran van Pol, Kabale und Liebe, Mitch de Klein, Sandeep, And many more..


Laserhat is an optional act to combine the music with suited visuals and give the crowd that little extra. So far the party people loved it!

Cuisine de Fous

DeVree is also producer of the Cuisine de Fous Festivals and Parties. At these festivities the music and act of DeVree really stand out, with a massive soundsystem combined with fire shows, lasers, smoke machines and strobes.

DeVree staged in venues/ parties/ festivals:

Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Undrgrnd (Amsterdam), Captain’s rave (Ibiza), 10.7 Beach Club (Formentera), Paard van Troje (The Hague), Cuisine de Fous Festival (The Hague), Pip (The Hague), Magistrat (The Hague), Rootz (The Hague), Magistrat (The Hague), Rollende Beats (Leiden), Speakers (Delft), And many more..